About Us

Safe and Durable Inflatable Water Blobs in Springfield, MO

The History of the The-Blob®

It was first invented by Tex Robertson of Camp Longhorn in Burnet, Texas who used an Army Surplus fuel bladder as a waterfront toy. Spike White of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri fell in love with the idea and brought it to us.

We took that vision and carefully crafted our world-famous two-ply inflatable waterfront toy that we all know as the WaterBlob®.

The Best. The Safest. The Original.

Don’t fall for cheap replicas that are insecure and dangerous!

The WaterBlob® is the original, and is the only water toy in its class that is guaranteed safe. Our product is the only one with a proven track record as evidenced by our product’s appearance on programs such as Nitro Circus, Heavyweights, Wipeout, and many others.

We place a strong emphasis on extreme durability by using high-quality materials. Other companies illegaly replicating our product do not meet these standards, but instead utilize cheap PVC products that put you in danger.

How to know you have an original WaterBlob®

The original WaterBlob® is produced in two layers. We start with a sturdy PVC core that is ten further protected with an additional covering made of durable vinyl. Imitations are often constructed with only a single balloon of low-quality PVC, which creates an extreme risk of rupture and injury.

How does it work?

  1. The jumper must do a butt drop off of the platform onto the WaterBlob®.
  2. After landing, the jumper must crawl to the end of the WaterBlob® (approximate the 2nd color from the end).
  3. Once at the end, the flyer should be in a sitting position with their legs crossed and their fingers laced behind their necks.
  4. The counselor will say, “Flyer, ready?”. The flyer will then respond when ready by lifting their arm straight up into the air.
  5. When the flyer is ready, the counselor will then say “Jumping” and allow the jumper to jump bottom first onto the WaterBlob® at approximately the 2nd full color from the beginning of the WaterBlob®.

Can the colors match my camp?

Yes, other colors are available although they could increase the cost and/or delivery time of your WaterBlob®.

Is there a warranty?

There is a one (1) year warranty on material and labor on the WaterBlob®.

What is the “life expentancy”?

There are several factors to consider, but the average life of a WaterBlob® is about 3 “ 5 years.

What kind of yearly maintenance should I do?

At the end of every year, it is a good idea to wash and dry the WaterBlob® very well before storing for the winter. After the WaterBlob® is dry, apply a vinyl moisturizer/protectant and let it soak in to the material. Roll it up to store it in a rodent-proof WaterBlob® box and it will be ready for some jumping action next summer.

Is it repairable? What’s the average cost?

Yes, The-Blob® is repairable. Sometimes the WaterBlob® may leak air due to normal “wear and tear”. If it becomes bothersome, you can send it to us for repair and refurbishing. The average cost is about $300. plus freight

How much is freight?

Depending on the destination of the WaterBlob®, the freight is generally $200 “ $550

Are there any Insurance requirements?

As with most recreational sports, it is a good idea to check with your insurance provider before purchasing a WaterBlob®.

How do we anchor the WaterBlob® down?

There are four (4) anchor points on each side of The-Blob®. Eight pieces of 8 shock cord is provided with the WaterBlob®? . Loop the shock cord through the D-ring; tie a knot at both the end of the cord and right at the D-ring (you will then have the cord 2-ply by 4 long). Use rope from the end of the shock cord to the anchor. As far as the actual anchor, we have found 5-gallon buckets of concrete with an eye-bolt seem to work very well.

How do I get the bladder back into the shell?

While the bladder is deflated and unfolded completely, you will want to fold it 3 times, longways. (Take each end and meet in the middle. Then fold it longways, again.) After being folded, it should be about 3 wide by 30-40 long. Next, just roll it up like you would a sleeping bag. Start rolling it at the opposite end of the air bung.

After it is rolled, set it inside the shell, just inside the opening (with the fans going) and then unroll it keeping the air opening at the same end as the shell opening. Once the bladder is unrolled, you might need to tug on it either direction to make sure the bladder corners fit inside the shell corners of the closed end. After bladder is inserted into shell, just roll up the WaterBlob® and you’re ready for the next season.

How do we build a platform?

Every situation is different. We can only provide suggestions. The top of the platform should be approximately 15 feet from the top of the water. This will allow about nine to 10 feet of clearance between the platform and the WaterBlob®.

You may want to adjust the height of the platform, depending on the ages of the flyers. The WaterBlob® should line up directly under the platform and be at least eight to 10 feet from the bank. The water depth around the WaterBlob® should be at least eight to 10 feet deep.

The opening of the WaterBlob® should always be toward the platform. We have seen our customers make floating docks (if their shore is not deep enough). They have also used the roofs of docks as a platform and even built extravagant two-platform docks. It is entirely up to you. In every situation however, the water depth around the WaterBlob® should be about 8 to 10 feet deep. The platform should also overlap the WaterBlob® by about 5 feet or so.

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