Inflatable Water Slide Repair in Springfield, MO

We are known as the Blob people. We have been manufacturing The WaterBlob for the past 30 years. We have become very familiar with inflatable repairs over that time. We not only repair our own products but we repair many of our competitors. We have a solid 30 year reputation in the manufacturing and repair business from around the world.

Repair Jobs:

Blown Baffles/Split seams

Torn Netting

Excessive Air Leaks

Broken Zippers/Step Replacements

Worn inflatables

Adding Blower tubes and vents

We can work on indoor, outdoor and aquatic inflatables, bounce house, slides, obstacle courses, water trampolines, Icebergs and many more.

What we offer:

Quality 22 oz. vinyl on all repairs

Repairs are done with a heat sealer or sewing. Whichever works best for the inflatable

We offer the best competitive prices

Our repair facility is located at 2045 N. National Ave. Springfield, MO 65803 (417)864-8461 (800) 223-7571

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