The Company

Safe and Durable Inflatable Water Blobs in Springfield, MO

The History of the The-Blob®

It was first invented by Tex Robertson of Camp Longhorn in Burnet, Texas who used an Army Surplus fuel bladder as a waterfront toy. Spike White of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri fell in love with the idea and brought it to us.

We took that vision and carefully crafted our world-famous two-ply inflatable waterfront toy that we all know as the WaterBlob®.

The Best. The Safest. The Original.

Don’t fall for cheap replicas that are insecure and dangerous!

The WaterBlob® is the original, and is the only water toy in its class that is guaranteed safe. Our product is the only one with a proven track record as evidenced by our product’s appearance on programs such as Nitro Circus, Heavyweights, Wipeout, and many others.

We place a strong emphasis on extreme durability by using high-quality materials. Other companies illegaly replicating our product do not meet these standards, but instead utilize cheap PVC products that put you in danger.

How to know you have an original WaterBlob®

The original WaterBlob® is produced in two layers. We start with a sturdy PVC core that is ten further protected with an additional covering made of durable vinyl. Imitations are often constructed with only a single balloon of low-quality PVC, which creates an extreme risk of rupture and injury.